Fancy a laugh? WOOHOO! Exmouth Art-comedy Festival

The Earth without art is just ‘Eh’… and there is no better way to prove this than at WOOHOO! – a hilarious new art-comedy festival in Exmouth where over 100 international and local artists are showing that art doesn’t have to be stuffy.

So let’s say that again… “WOOHOO!” Shout it loud and shake off your shackles and you’ll get a feeling for what this festival is all about. It’s fun, it’s freaky and it’s about freedom of expression.

This exhibition is a kick up the arts…

It all starts at 10:00 on Tues 6 March (at the Ocean) with the opening of a free exhibition of hilarious art works. WOOHOO! then really gets under way with a ‘Private View’ opening party night with bands, magicians and performers – hosted on the top deck of the Ocean.

WOOHOO! ‘pop-up art centre’ continues through the week with a free exhibition, talks, demos, workshops, music, poetry, an art’s shop – and of course there’s a bar.

The festival culminates on Mothering Sunday (11 March) with a full free programme of workshops, music and a raffle.

We think the workshop highlights will be:

Download the full programme here and find out more details here WOOHOO!

What the locals say…

  • If it aint Baroque, then don’t fix it.
  • The festival runs from Tuesday 6 March until Sunday 11 March; and is open from 10:00 – 22:00.
  • Mo’ Monet… Mo’Problems.
  • The Art exhibition and many workshops are free.
  • Q. How do you inspire an artist? A. Easel-y
  • If you like this then also check out BRAVO EXMOUTH – where local artist Ann Fitzgerald is collecting bras  for International Women’s day. Will you join her Bra Army?

What the locals say…

“Art is anything you can get away with.” 

Randy Warhol

Photography credits: SteveDevon Life