Try Sand Sculpture on Exmouth Beach

Exmouth beach isn’t just for sunbathing. On no! With two miles of golden sand, the beach is the perfect location for sand sculpture.

This engaging art-form has found an enthusiastic home in Exmouth. Making sculptures in our sand has become a hugely popular pastime with locals, tourists and professionals alike.

You don’t have to be a professional sculptor to get involved, all your need is sand (we’ve got plenty) and a little imagination. It’s a great activity all the family will love getting involved in.

Our tips:

  • To check that you’re building on the right type of sand, pack it into a golf ball sized sphere. If the ball will roll around inside the palm of your hand, without falling apart, the sand is suitable for sculpture.
  • Build you sculpture above the previous tide line, to ensure it isn’t washed away quickly.
  • Bring buckets and spades. A big bucket is preferable – you’ll need to go to the sea for water less often.
  • If you use a metal trowel or spade, be sure to stick it blade down into the sand when not in use – to avoid standing on it.
  • Always carry a photograph of whatever you’re going to sculpt, it makes the process much easier.

What the locals say…

“My family and I love making sand sculptures on the beach. Remember to take lots of photos of your design before the tide washes it away.”

Photography credits: Lightworks