NEW for 2022 Ordnance Survey Dinosaur Trail

An ideal FREE activity for budding dinosaur hunters and adults alike that enjoy a challenge!

Exmouth’s Brassed-Off Dinosaurs is self guided circular trail around Exmouth with clues to hunt and collect 11 brass rubbings of prehistoric creatures that once roamed earth; whilst learning more about their lives.

Discover the “Spitfire” of the reptile world and which dinosaurs were as big as  number 57 bus!

Crack the clues to find and collect your brass rubbing — with stories along the trail (told in a similar way to Horrible Histories) making it fun and engaging for children and adults alike.

How does it work?
Download the FREE Ordnance Survey “Secret Stories” app below; once in the App search for “Exmouth’s Brassed-Off Dinosaurs”.

If you have an Apple device, download the app via the APP store
If you have an Android device, download the app via the Google Play Store



You will also need paper and crayons to collect the brass rubbings — bring your own, or collect a “dinosaur pack” with everything you need from the Tourist Information for just £1. Once you have completed the trail you can claim your Exmouth Dinosaur Trail Badge!

If you enjoy the trail you may be interested to know that there are over 30 brass rubbings (and a lot more information on dinosaurs) to be discovered in Exmouth. Call into the Tourist Information office to find out more and for map to discover where more dinosaur brass rubbings can be found.

What the locals say…

“You’ll find lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs and you’ll get to see some of the Exmouth sights along the way too! Be sure to stop off half way around for an ice cream.”

Exmouth Town Council would like to give thanks to Chris Fox who wrote the script for the trail.